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I would like to thank Mike for his class, it took my last 4 plus years of thinking I did good. Being self-taught in fly fishing and having my best day with 6 landed fish, to a whole different level. I learned the very first night that I was doing just about everything wrong, but in a great way, because now I was learning how to do it right. I took pages of notes and listened intently, I learned more in the first night then I had learned by myself watching videos and fishing. The first trip to the river was the best   Learning day I have ever had, even though the red hats instruction was great and right on the money I could see I need a lot more practice implementing what I was being taught. I told myself to concentrate and listen to what they were saying. The day ended with 17 fish caught and fought with 15 landed. That was the best fishing day I have ever had, I fished from 8- 345 pm that day. Second trip I got to fish with mike which I wanted to do and he did make corrections to me, which I still need to work on. But after fishing with him and a few other red hats which I wanted to do I ended my day with 21 landed even a better day then the week before. I fished from 8- 130 pm better catch rate for time spent. I can say I missed more strikes both weeks then the fish I caught. That is one of the things I need to work on my set, being better and seeing and reacting to strikes. I cannot believe the fish I didn’t even know were striking those first 4 plus years. Thanks to Mike, Tage, Finn, Gregg, Tim, and the other red hats that helped, but I can’t remember names to, for which I apologize, as well as if I spelled names wrong. Everyone should take this class, I again say thank you it has changed my fly fishing life as only you know.

Thanks Kevin Barnes

Classroom and field sessions are lots of fun!

I have hired professional guides many times over the years for $300 - $400 a day and haven't learned as much or caught as many fish as I did in this class. I wish I would have taken this class 10 years ago. Mike's class exceeded my expectations in every way. The classes are fast-moving and entertaining. The assistants who help on the river are amazing. Everyone wants to see you succeed. The energy is so positive. Gail does a great job helping you with equipment and supplies if you need it and makes it so easy. I can't recommend this class enough. It is worth the price and your time many times over.


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​​Learn the fundamental skills of fly fishing in a very fun and relaxed environment.

       Fly fishing classes at all levels; Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

detailed CLASSES that give you the knowledge you need to be successful! 


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Fly fishing curriculum and techniques you can't find anywhere else!

A trout is a moment of beauty known

only to those who seek it.  Arnold Gingrich

There are 3 classroom sessions, a Fall class, a Winter class, and a Spring class.  Each class session has 5, 2.5 hr classroom sessions, and 3, 5hr river days.

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