I have retired from teaching the fly fishing classes as well as teaching history at Davis High School. It’s been a wonderful 30 years.

However, the high school needs me to teach the Government Classes for one more semester. Seems, they can’t find a replacement. So, I have agreed to teach at the high school this fall, but only until January. Which means I truly could teach another fall fly fishing class, before I completely retire and go away.

Know that I’m not committing to teach a fall fishing class yet, but willing to explore the idea at least for one more class. (Looking like it really could happen.) Therefore, be sure to stay in touch by registration in case it does. I will keep you posted. 

Note: The Fall Float Tube class and Fall Fly Tying class are still a go (100% for sure) going to happen in October, November & December.


LEARN From the BEst with  OVER 25 Years of experience teaching and instructing!

​​Learn the fundamental skills of fly fishing in a very fun and relaxed environment.

       Fly fishing classes at all levels; Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Classroom and field sessions are lots of fun!

I would like to thank Mike for his class, it took my last 4 plus years of thinking I did good. Being self-taught in fly fishing and having my best day with 6 landed fish, to a whole different level. I learned the very first night that I was doing just about everything wrong, but in a great way, because now I was learning how to do it right. I took pages of notes and listened intently, I learned more in the first night then I had learned by myself watching videos and fishing. The first trip to the river was the best   Learning day I have ever had, even though the red hats instruction was great and right on the money I could see I need a lot more practice implementing what I was being taught. I told myself to concentrate and listen to what they were saying. The day ended with 17 fish caught and fought with 15 landed. That was the best fishing day I have ever had, I fished from 8- 345 pm that day. Second trip I got to fish with mike which I wanted to do and he did make corrections to me, which I still need to work on. But after fishing with him and a few other red hats which I wanted to do I ended my day with 21 landed even a better day then the week before. I fished from 8- 130 pm better catch rate for time spent. I can say I missed more strikes both weeks then the fish I caught. That is one of the things I need to work on my set, being better and seeing and reacting to strikes. I cannot believe the fish I didn’t even know were striking those first 4 plus years. Thanks to Mike, Tage, Finn, Gregg, Tim, and the other red hats that helped, but I can’t remember names to, for which I apologize, as well as if I spelled names wrong. Everyone should take this class, I again say thank you it has changed my fly fishing life as only you know.

Thanks Kevin Barnes

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Fly fishing curriculum and techniques you can't find anywhere else!

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A trout is a moment of beauty known

only to those who seek it.  Arnold Gingrich

detailed CLASSES that give you the knowledge you need to be successful! 

Wild Trout Safaris

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There are 3 classroom sessions, a Fall class, a Winter class, and a Spring class.  Each class session has 5, 2.5 hr classroom sessions, and 3, 5hr river days.

I have hired professional guides many times over the years for $300 - $400 a day and haven't learned as much or caught as many fish as I did in this class. I wish I would have taken this class 10 years ago. Mike's class exceeded my expectations in every way. The classes are fast-moving and entertaining. The assistants who help on the river are amazing. Everyone wants to see you succeed. The energy is so positive. Gail does a great job helping you with equipment and supplies if you need it and makes it so easy. I can't recommend this class enough. It is worth the price and your time many times over.