People ask me why I still teach the fly fishing class after 26 years?

Well, here is why. Life is harder than we want to admit and people need something like this in their lives. We all have to heal from the rigors of modern life. Fly Fishing is an active sport and frankly good exercise; yet it's a peaceful endeavor, very spiritual, similar to yoga. The sport also allows us to connect with each other, but most of all with nature. I want to help people discover that Fly Fishing will improve lives, that it will heal people without medication. Fly fishing makes one whole again. The world just looks better from the river out! 

This class helps people realize that this great thing, “Fly Fishing” is out there. Further, that it is possible to learn quickly and be successful.  That this hobby can help one more easily to cope with the “other stuff," in one’s life. Also the class shows people that this inexpensive pastime is flat out fun! And that people are crazy if they don’t participate. It’s that good.

What do I get out of it? 

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Our Mission


Well, being with people when they catch their first fish on a fly is amazing! It has afforded me the opportunity to become friends with so many diverse, and wonderful people; that is the is the best part of teaching this class! Being hugged by teary eyed students on a regular basis while on the river; and making so many lifelong friends in the class. Friends, that I could not imagine not knowing today! Also, I do need the money, I am a high school teach for heaven sakes.