This class is a life changing course that will make you look at priorities differently. If you are stuck in a rut at work or too much couch time at home? Well, look forward to enjoying real productive fishing. Then you will start looking for ways to find yourself on the water. That happen to me and that's what will happen to you when you when take Mike's class.
The photo is of a 24" brown I caught only 10 minutes from Mike’s class at Davis High.

- Stuart J Isbell

I took Mike's fly fishing class several years ago along with my son Dallas and my daughter Bailey, we have been having fun ever since! You won't find a better guy than Mike Navidomskis! If you want to learn the art of fly fishing take Mike's Class! Tight Lines everyone,

- Shane Nielsen 

To future fly fisherman: My name is Jeff Payne and I have taken many classes with Mike starting with the beginner class around 10 years ago with my brother Ron. We even learned to tie our own flies, use them on the river and catch fish with Mike’s method.  We have since taken all of Mikes classes, including many river trips that I will never forget. Both Ron and I have had our boys in the classes as well. He is an amazingly patient teacher who will make sure you catch fish and learn the method and how to read the river. I can now go to any river in the country and catch fish with Mike’s method. We learned about the aquatics of the river and I now know the bugs of the river. I have caught many species of fish. If you are interested in learning all the aspects of fly fishing, including nymph fishing, I highly recommend this class. He has taught thousands of people to fly fish.  Thanks again Mike for all of the class and all the amazing trips we have been on together!   

-Jeff Payne

I took Mike's fly fishing class with my husband Brad, w e had such a great time.  The class with teach you everything you will need to know to catch lots of fish.  I caught this huge brown while fishing with the class.  Now my husband and I try to help the students in the class whenever we have time.  Make sure you take this class, you will love it!


Winter 2016


Mike's class is the class you actually look forward going to each week! You are engaged in learning and the wealth of knowledge Mike has is poured upon you! You can tell he loves what he does and wants each person to succeed. The classes are engaging, BUT once you are out on the river hands down the best!!! Mike's Red Hat's are AMAZING and patient.  Fly fishing on the river with all the Red Hat's and Mike pulling for you, gets you addicted on your first cast!!  Thanks Mike and all the Red Hat's, We caught the fly fishing fever!

-Janet and Brandon Southwick

 (Fly Fisher's For Life!)​

Hi Navi!  We had a GREAT time fishing this weekend. I loved every minute of it! Looking forward to the fly-tying class. Thank you for teaching us skills to last a lifetime. We are ‘hooked’!  Thank you,

-Kensi Schaub

We have really enjoyed taking this class!  Being able learn Mike's techniques, fish habits, and feeding methods for fly fishing has cut down the time it takes to catch fish by months if not years of trial and error.  This picture is of my wife Debbie on January 26th this year on a 30 fish day.  We have fished all through the winter months and have had great success!  The world truly does look better from the river out!!  The time we have been able to spend fly fishing together has been rewarding and fun, even on the tough days.  This class is well worth the cost and we look forward to taking the others, thanks Mike!!

Darren Stevens

Winter 2016

I took Mike's fly fishing class in 1995 with my dad when I was 13 yrs old... It was a great experience to learn how to fly fish with my father.  It's a sport that we still enjoy together. -- I have now been a fly fishing guide for over 10 years and still use the tactics and techniques that Mike teaches.  The class itself is worth every penny... if you were to take a similar class from Orvis you'd be spending close to a $1000...Take the class!

  -Dallin Owens, Driggs Idaho

I have fly fished off and on my entire adult life, but never really knew what I was doing, or enjoyed much success until I took Mike's fly fishing classes.  In a clear, direct, but entertaining way, he opened my eyes to the nuances of this amazing outdoor sport.  Like before, I continue to enjoy being on the water with my fly pole...only now, I catch fish.

-Doug Carlson

“I took Mike’s beginning class over a decade ago and have since referred many friends and family members to his class. This class is great for beginners, but even practiced anglers are guaranteed to learn in this class. Mike is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and he’s a great communicator and teacher. In addition to a significant amount of classroom time, he really invests in his students with teaching time on the river. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in becoming a better angler.”

Katina Curtis

I encourage anyone to take the class whether you are a rank beginner or an experienced fly fisher.  I took Mike’s beginning class years ago and I came to it with about 20 years of fly fishing experience.  I learned a lot, became a better fly fisherman and had a great time!  Everyone will learn to catch fish on a fly and have a good time while they are learning.  The classroom instruction is great, it is very comprehensive.  The jewel of the class is the on-river fishing experience, plan on making the most of it and spend every minute you can on the river.  Mike brings many very experienced helpers to the river so the students can get one on one instruction.  They will reinforce what you learned in class, teach you the practical application of what you learned and they will stay until everyone has caught several fish.  You will never find as much fly fishing experience available to the students in one spot anywhere else.  Take the opportunity to fish with each helper and learn something new from all of them.  One last thing, you will probably make some friends that will last a lifetime.

-Brett Forsberg

I LOVED the beginning fly fishing class!  It was fun, informative and comprehensive. Mike was super engaging and I was finally able to wrap my head around the complexities of fly fishing. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone, young/old, male/female, that is one of the beauties of fly fishing.....anyone can succeed at it. I can finally keep up with my brothers and Dad ;).

Thanks Mike!!

-Emily King

My experience with the beginner fly fishing class with Mike was a great! I truly enjoyed the day on the river. I have never caught so many fish in such a short time. I have used my class knowledge to help my sons as well as my scout troop. Thank you for the great experience Mike. 

-Chris Keller


I signed up for Navi’s beginning & intermediate fly classes not knowing what to expect.  I have fished before but not very much and with no consistency to my catching.  Once I learned the techniques he teaches in his classes, I was able to catch a lot more fish and started having a lot more fun.  A side bonus to his classes is that you get to meet other anglers and forge some good friendships who become great fishing friends.


Wild Trout Safaris

My son (13 yrs) and I took classes at Wild Trouts.  The instruction and assistance made our entry into the world of fly-fishing seamless. We had a great time in the indoor classes that were responsive to all our questions and the hands on outdoor on the river classes were a highlight.  This program is very user friendly and the best priced around.  We highly recommend it.  Have fun fly fishing out there!!  

-Alex and Alexander

I’ve been fly fishing for 30+ years and thought I knew everything I needed to know about catching fish. I took several of Mike’s classes and always found something new. Learned new things and made new friends.  Well worth the time and money to attend. Thanks Mike.

-Randy Halley


Thanks for such a fun fly fishing class!  we had such a great time!

Kelly Brown

I want to take a moment to let you know what a great experience the beginning fly fishing class was for my son and me. We thoroughly enjoyed the classes and feel like this is the start of a lifelong adventure. The classes were incredibly informative on many levels giving a rich knowledge of this sport. This is so much more that you could ever get from a guided trip. This class teachers students to be true anglers!
In addition to the class, the field trip really put the experience over the top for both of us. Sunday was actually the day before my son’s 13th birthday. You can imagine how fun it was to see him catch his first fish on a snowy river. He was over the moon detailing the days adventures over the dinner table to the rest of our family.

Jessica Mitchell
Winter 2016

Mike after having fished off and on for the past 15 years I would highly recommend your class.  Your attention to detail, your hands on training, and your excellent class format, just made sense.  My first day at the river I caught 12 fish.  I learned how to read fishing holes, how to improve my technique, and most importantly I had fun.  I would highly recommend your class and shop to all my friends and family.  I always wondered if there was a better way to fish, the only thing i regret is not taking your class sooner.

Thanks again
Matt Adams